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Allergy Relief

12 August 2012
Spring and Summer are great times of the year but if you suffer from allergies or hayfever they can be frustrating.  Seasonal hayfever affects up to two million Australians. Dust, pollen, moulds, feathers and animal hair are the most common causes.  

Allergies and hayfever occur when the body has an over-reaction to an allergen (often pollens) and releases histamine and other immune chemicals.  This release triggers a range of symptoms including:
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Runny nose
  • Red, itchy or watery eyes
  • Fatigue and irritability
Did you know? 
Horseradish, Garlic, Vitamin C, Fenugreek and Marshmallow are natural remedies that can help relieve hayfever symptoms.

There are many products available to treat and prevent allergies including natural and pharmacy products. Sometimes a customised approach to treat your individual symptoms gives the best result.

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