Malouf Rewards


Member's FAQs

Are the vouchers transferable?

If you want to give the $10 voucher to a friend, or family member, they are transferable but not redeemable for cash.  If you make a purchase under $10 with your $10 voucher, you will not receive change.

Are there other benefits besides points?

Absolutely!  Malouf Reward customers will have access to member only special offers and savings on certain products, prizes, health advice, free beauty treatment offers, fragrance samples, receive information on products that they are interested in, and much more.

Can I get extra cards so that the whole family can earn points?

Yes you can get extra cards so that the whole family can earn points.  Let us know and we will mail you an additional card/s for a small postage and handling fee.

Do I get points on everything?

Under existing Government legislation, we are unable to allocate points for prescription medicines, however we are pleased to accept your $10 voucher/s as payment for prescription medicines.

Do Seniors still get a discount?

Malouf Pharmacies values our senior customers, and is offering double points for every $1 (or part thereof) you spend.  This means for Seniors~ that join Malouf Rewards will get greater discounts and benefits than they get with a Seniors card alone.  We do advise, however, that as a result of the Malouf Rewards program, that we will no longer provide discounts on Seniors cards alone. 
~To qualify as a senior, applicants must be 55 years and over.  

How do I use my points?

Once you have accumulated 200 points, we will automatically send you a $10 voucher that you can use to purchase ANY product at any Malouf Pharmacy store.  Your unclaimed points will never expire.

I would like to update my contact details, or I have an enquiry who can I contact?

Visit your local Malouf Pharmacy or call the Rewards Help Desk 9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday on 07 3620 7744, or visit our website