Malouf Rewards


Terms and Conditions

See below for full Terms and Conditions:

1. The Malouf Rewards card is issued by and remains the property of Malouf Pharmacies. Malouf Pharmacies reserves the right to withdraw the card at any time and that Malouf Pharmacies will not be liable for any loss arising from the withdrawal of the card at the sole discretion of Malouf Pharmacies.

2. Malouf Pharmacies reserves the right to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Malouf Rewards program, or terminate the program at any time. No alteration, amendment or termination will affect any discount vouchers which have been issued at the time of any alteration, amendment or termination of the scheme. Malouf Pharmacies will not be liable for any loss resulting from the termination of the scheme from the date that the termination notice is served by way of notice in a Malouf Pharmacy.

3. Application for and/or use of the Malouf Rewards card indicates acceptance of the rules and terms and conditions of the Malouf Rewards program.  Application for a Malouf Seniors Card requires presentation of a valid seniors identification card. Malouf Rewards incorporates all Seniors discounts and no additional discounts are available.  To qualify as a senior, applicants must be 55 years and over.    

4. To the extent permitted by law, Malouf Pharmacies will not be liable for any errors, omissions, delays or disruptions in the operation of the Malouf Rewards program and will not be liable for any loss resulting from any errors, omissions, delays or disruptions in the operation of the Malouf Rewards program.

5. Malouf Pharmacies reserves the right to adjust Malouf Rewards points accrued that have resulted from operator error, computer error and/or fraud or any other reason beyond the control of Malouf Pharmacies.

6. All participants in Malouf Rewards must be residents of Australia or New Zealand. 

7. The Malouf Rewards card cannot be used as a credit, guarantee or proof of identity card.

8. It is the Malouf Rewards member’s responsibility to notify Malouf Rewards administration, or the staff at any Malouf Pharmacy, of any change of address or membership details of that member. Malouf Pharmacies will not be liable for any loss of points arising from the time taken to replace a lost or stolen Malouf rewards card.

9. Malouf Pharmacies reserves the right to charge an administration fee of $2.00 + GST for any additional cards issued for a member account. Malouf Rewards Seniors members are only able to receive an additional card for their spouse upon presentation of their spouses Seniors card.

10. The Malouf Rewards card can be used at any Malouf Pharmacy.

11. To earn points for a transaction, the Rewards Card must be presented at the register at the time of the transaction, otherwise the Reward member details cannot be captured and points cannot be allocated. Points cannot be claimed for retrospective purchases.

12. Malouf Pharmacies rewards points will be earned for purchases made at Malouf Pharmacies stores, excluding prescription medicines, which are unable to be discounted/credited under current health laws. Malouf Rewards Seniors members will receive double points on all purchases subject to these conditions.

13. Malouf Rewards points never expire subject to the other terms and conditions outlined here.

14. Earn points for every purchase you make! Earn up to 1 Point* for every dollar you spend. (*Prescriptions excluded. Points vary per department).

15. Bonus points will be offered on selected merchandise from time to time.

16. Rewards, in the form of discount vouchers, will be mailed to customers who have accrued at least 200 reward points. The qualifying rewards points levels are calculated regularly.

17. Malouf Rewards will not be responsible for the replacement of any rewards vouchers mailed but not received by members due to an incorrect or out of date address, or vouchers that have been lost in the mail system. These may be replaced at the discretion of the Rewards co-ordinator should they have not been presented.

18. Malouf Rewards vouchers can be used at any time, for any goods that the Malouf Pharmacy has in stock at the time of redemption, including prescription medicines. Malouf Rewards discount vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash nor is change provided when purchases do not exceed the value of the vouchers presented.

19. The redemption value of points is ten dollars per two hundred points. The redemption value of points may be changed at the discretion of Malouf Pharmacies at any time.

20. Malouf Rewards vouchers are individually bar-coded for security reasons. Malouf Rewards discount vouchers are transferable in that they may be redeemed by persons other than the member who was issued the discount voucher. The system will not allow a voucher to be presented more than once. Malouf Pharmacies employees reserve the right to ask for the rewards card linked to the voucher to be shown at the time of redemption.

21. Malouf Rewards discount vouchers will be issued with an expiry date of 12 weeks later than the issue date. Malouf Pharmacies is not required to honour a voucher that has passed its expiry date.

22. The promoter of Malouf Rewards is Malouf Pharmacies which is located at 132 Commercial Road, Teneriffe, Qld, 4005.

23. Malouf Pharmacies reserves the rights, trademarks and copyrights of the Malouf Rewards Program including the ‘Malouf Rewards’ name, Malouf Rewards slogan ‘Get Into Life’, ‘Enjoy Life’ and all artwork, images and print copy associated with the Malouf Rewards program.

24. Points may take overnight processing before they are credited to a participant's membership.